Yes, Naamkarann has garnered disappointing numbers – Viraf Patel

Star Plus show Naamkarann based on Mahesh Bhatt’s film Zakhm is not doing well on the ratings scene. The channel has apparently given the production house (Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd) an indication to shape up or ship out.
Although officially the channel has not said anything when we spoke to lead actor Viraf Patel, he did not deny the issue. “The numbers are there for all to see. We have not been told anything officially. Let’s be clear that at the end it all boils down to numbers. We don’t make shows only for creative satisfaction. If we are not able to deliver these things may happen. I am sure that director Mahesh Bhatt and team will try to change things, if not we will live to fight another day. We actors have surrendered to their vision and will sink or swim with them.”

When asked if DNA of the show (illegitimate children) might need to be altered to survive? “That is a call for Mr. Bhatt and the production house to take. Personally, I feel we don’t need to, but again we need to balance creative aspirations with commerce. The channel does need a ratings wise successful show.”

In closing Viraf adds that he has thoroughly enjoyed the process of  Naamkarann so far “It is a great learning experience working with veterans like Bhatt saab and Reema Lagoo. Also our story is very rooted in  Indian culture that bind parents and kids together.  Here I have learnt to underplay to appear genuine. Bhatt Sahab kept telling me pls give less rather than more.”


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