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Vintage Stories

पुरानी कहानियों की दुनिया: ज़माने की यादें, हर रोज़ नयी कहानी के साथ..

Star Signs

Birthdays determine your zodiac sign, which is believed to influence your personality and fate according to astrology.

Vedic Astrology

GR8 Reading

Leisurely reading magazines offers a delightful escape, indulging in diverse topics and captivating visuals at a relaxed pace.

India's Premier Entertainment Awards

The Indian Television Academy has been the only body of Television in the country, providing the first-ever platform for entire TV-fraternity to come together as a whole. It has been a ‘Flag-bearer’ of the TV Medium as the greatest and biggest sphere of Indian Entertainment..

The Magnificence of Womanhood

The “GR8 Women Awards” is a prestigious recognition honoring women achievers in India and abroad across fields including but not limited to Business, Cinema, Arts, Sports, Science, Activism, Public Service. It inspires others by acknowledging their accomplishments, leadership, and societal impact, promoting gender equality. Overall, it’s a vital platform for celebrating women’s excellence, empowerment, and inclusivity globally.

Unfiltered Conversations

“Reel or Real with Anu Ranjan” is a captivating celebrity talk show on Facebook. Hosted by Anu Ranjan, known for her charisma and insightful questioning, the show explores the professional and personal lives of celebrities from various fields. It delves into their career journeys, personal stories, and the overlap between their on-screen and off-screen personas.


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Lights, Camera, Action! Step into the World of Entertainment from Your Sofa!

Changing the World, One Step at a Time.. Inhe dekhiye

The ITA Theme Song

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