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The Launch:

Amidst palpable excitement and with the blessings of the Hon’ Minister of I&B Sushma Swaraj, The Indian Television Academy was inaugurated on July 18, 2001, at The Taj Hotel’s Crystal room by Honourable Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This marked the beginning of a visionary initiative aimed at revolutionizing the Indian television industry.

Driven by the Dreams of Anu and Shashi Ranjan, stalwarts in the industry, the Academy sought to unify and elevate the standards of Indian television. It aimed to streamline the industry’s fragmented landscape by integrating various facets such as software, hardware, and broadcasting.

To steer this transformative journey, the Academy meticulously curated a distinguished Governing Body comprising luminaries from the television and related sectors. Their collective wisdom and visionary leadership were poised to guide the Academy towards its ambitious goals of innovation and excellence.

Governing Council

  • Anu Ranjan, President, The Indian Television Academy
  • Dheeraj Kumar, Partner, Creative Eye Ltd
  • Javed Akhtar, Writer/Lyricist
  • V. Krishnan, CEO, TAM India
  • Mahesh Bhat, Writer, Producer, Director
  • Manmohan Shetty, Proprietor, Ad Labs & Imax
  • Manoj Kumar Sonthalia, CMD, Indian Express (South)
  • Prem Krishen, Partner, Cinevistaas Ltd.
  • Prem Sagar, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Sagar Arts Intl
  • Rajat Sharma, Founder, IMPL
  • Ravi Chopra, Partner, B. R. Films
  • Revathy, Actress
  • Shashi Ranjan, Producer / Director
  • Shekhar Suman, Actor
  • Siddharth Kak, Producer / Director
  • Smita Thackeray, President, IMPPA
  • T. Subbarami Reddy, MP, Rajya Sabha / Producer
  • Zarina Mehta, Director, UTV

Big Night of The Small Screen

Sunday 30th November 2001, Mumbai….

It was a never before night. It was a Night that was Star – Spangled… a Night that scintillated, sparkled and shimmered… a Night that was the Dawn of Television with an identity of its own. It gave the Small Screen an individuality that was hitherto unknown.

This Big Night of the Small Screen was The ITA Awards’ Gala, where the Television Industry received its first ever Honours and recognition. These Honours were totally TV- Centric

The entire gamut of the Awards had three aspects:

The Technical Awards, Jury Awards , and the Popular Awards

Expanding its reach, the ITA has embraced South India to include Southern channels like Sun TV and Raj TV in the Awards. Opening major categories for public voting by post or online in all four languages marks a significant step. The Southern spectrum of ITA is poised to become a vibrant reality, fueled by the enthusiastic response from stakeholders in the region.

The ITA Awards are the pinnacle of television excellence, beloved by audiences and respected by industry insiders. They set the standard for greatness in Indian television, captivating viewers nationwide with their unmatched popularity. The Awards honor exceptional talents and contributions that enrich our entertainment world.

The Indian Television Academy, a pioneering institution, is dedicated to television excellence. It provides a platform for the TV fraternity to unite and collaborate, celebrating the medium’s significance in entertainment. Through its unwavering dedication, the ITA champions innovation and creativity, inspiring generations of viewers and creators.

Central to the Academy are its prestigious ITA Awards, the first initiative to honor excellence in television. These awards celebrate outstanding achievements across the television spectrum, leaving an indelible mark on audiences and industry insiders alike.

Reflecting on these cherished moments, we’re reminded of the profound impact of The Awards in raising the bar for television excellence and fostering pride and camaraderie among small screen contributors.

Celebrating 24 years of excellence…

With over 1500 entries yearly, they highlight the finest in TV production, fostering creativity and innovation. As the industry evolves, The ITA Awards continue to unite diverse talents, honoring the best productions and talents annually.

Beyond industry recognition, The ITA Awards hold a special place in the hearts of millions of viewers nationwide, with over 1 crore votes cast in popular polls. The grandeur of the awards ceremony, attended by industry elites and celebrities, captivates audiences and solidifies its position as the most esteemed event in the television calendar.

Symbolizing television excellence, The ITA Awards serve as a Festival of Joy for the TV fraternity, celebrating achievements and inspiring generations of television professionals.

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