Wont strip for fun on social media – Nirbhay Wadhwa’s “Sanskari” interview

Nirbhay Wadhwa, who plays Hanuman  in Sankat Mochan Hanuman on Sony TV (500 episodes), feels that the show is a bulwark against the vulgarity and other negative stuff being propagated in most TV shows & films.“ It feels nice when you hear that kids are checking out our show on youtube or listening to Hanuman Chalisa or other bhajans. This is very important to retain the link of gen next to our ancient culture.”


Nirbhay, who had earlier played Dushasan on Mahabharat (Star Plus), adds that playing the Monkey God on screen has brought about a major change in his personal life. “I have become more calmer, I don’t speak to anyone loudly on set even during an argument, irrespective of whether it is my fault or not . Sometimes even when other’s bang my car on the road and on top abuse me, I still don’t lose my cool.”


Nirbhay feels that today lot of actor youngster are only foccsused on glamour. “They are not ready to work on themselves, a hero needs to have a great body, so you have to slog in the gym, have a proper diet, and yes kill the butt as it is not healthy, booze also is not really good. It is also very important to have a disciplined lifestyle. Try to be a hero in real life, pray to God, respect your folks, don’t take them for a ride. You need to keep striving for auditions day in and day out. I am sure over time you will strike pay dirt.”
In closing we asked him since he has a good body, will he strip to briefs like many other TV artistes are doing on social media,“ No, I wont for I feel its not part of our culture. I will not comment on others who do it as its their choice”



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