Women portrayal needs to be changed!-Eesha Narang

Married women seem to be ruling the industry these days, be it Kajol, Aishwarya or Karisma, their elegance and beauty seem to be immortal. And now adding up to the list of some of the most desirable married women in the industry is none other than our khallas girl Eesha Narang. This sexy siren, who has lately tied the knot to restaurateur Timmy Narang, has been associated with television shows like Nach Baliye 3,100% De Dana Dhan and we hope to see more of her on our television screens. Eesha speaks her mind out and gives her opinion on TV in this chat with GR8!

Are you a TV buff? How often do you watch television?

I am a movie buff. If I am at home, I watch television maybe an hour a day. I prefer listening to music though.

What do you like to watch on television?

I am very fond of watching those sporty action based shows for which I switch on to AXN. Channels wise, I also like to watch National Geographic, Discovery and Star World. I love watching the news as well.

Which is your current favorite show on television?

As far as Indian television is concerned, I love Dance India Dance. What fabulous dancers! In fact this is the only show which I even prefer to its international format ‘You think you can dance.’

Your favorite show as a kid…

Like every other kid, I would love watching cartoons. Tom and Jerry were and are my all time favorite. I would also like to watch Chitrahaar and Chayageet.

What would you prefer- daily soaps, reality shows or a quick nap?

Quick nap! I don’t like Indian television the reason being, I don’t like the way women are portrayed. Most of them are either those manipulative vamps or the dehati doormats. There aren’t any independent women portrayed. The aaj ki nari are independent, respectful and have made their own place in this world but sadly, we don’t have such characters.

You’re favorite host…

Hands down, Amitabh Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati!

If you had to come back to TV, what would you want to do?

I would like to host an action based show or do something related to comedy or judge a dance show like Dance India Dance again.

Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?

Of course it has! I remember we hardly had anything on our TV screens. But we had a lot of outdoor activities which kids don’t indulge into these days. Now kids only sit at home thanks to their videogames, play stations and computers which isn’t right. We had a great childhood.

What can Indian TV imbibe from foreign shows?

Versatility, they should spend more on the production cost, create more shows based on unique concepts and not stick to jus home politics. Daily shows should be more fun like Friends and 24. I remember being so glued to Prison Break that I ended up watching it for 2 days continuously. There isn’t a single show here for which you would want to skip your meal.

What is the one thing you’ll like to change on Indian television?

As I have mentioned earlier, the perspective of women. Why are we talking about what is happening in the village and how women are being treated there? If it’s something positive that educates the audience, then great; but most of it isn’t.

According to you, Indian television is…
A great medium which should be used for the betterment of the country!


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