What’s wrong in live-in relations…? – Kushal Punjabi

Dancer cum actor Kushal Punjabi is quite kicked about being the early harbinger of a new revolution in content generation. He is a part of Sony Liv’s web series #Love Bytes.  This 7/8 minute weekly series featuring him and Sukhmani Sadana talks about live-in-relationships.

“Given the format and smart type of audience we knew, our content has to be just right, we can’t bull shit the show with bahu’s getting up in sari’s and all decked up . I am very happy to announce that the viewers have really embraced our stories. The most common thread in social media interaction is that your content is very relatable, some one or the other has gone through a similar situation. E.g. woman wonder why their men ogle at other girls legs, am I not hot enough??” says Kushal who has done large number of reality shows such as Fear Factor Mr. & Ms. TV and Paisa Bhari Padega. He had won Zor Ka Jhakta as well.

Here 36 year old Kushal who himself is in a live in relationship for the past one year bat’s for this equation.  “I am not saying it is the ideal formula but it does give you a bird’s eye view to check out if you are compatible with your partner. It is better than having an affair with your girlfriend who lives in another house.  Most committed couples are anyway intimate, so why not try to see how it is to live with her/him. This arrangement also shows how committed you are to the relationship and also gives you ample opportunity to iron out the wrinkles before matrimony.  It is easier to walk out of a live in if things don’t work out rather than face the stigma of a divorce.”

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