We tried our best for Anhoniyon Ka Andhera but..

Vikram Bhatt is one of the most acclaimed directors and has carved a niche for himself. He is no new name in the Horror arena and he recently hit the small screen with spine-tingling and nightmarish terror with his intimidating show Haunted Nights on Sahara One. All set for his next horror flick, Raaz 3, Vikram Bhatt gives his views on TV, his stint with horror on TV and lots more in this exclusive interview with GR8!

Tell us about your experience while working on Anhoniyon Ka Andhera?

The experience was quite nice and I liked developing something for television. In television it is very difficult to keep the audience captivated so I enjoyed the entire experience.

In regards to TRP, the show didn’t do quite well. Comment.

I have learnt one thing that the things don’t always work out well and as for Anhoniyon Ka Andhera it was the World Cup and IPL was being aired at the same time in the same slot. Though we tried our best but when you are up alongside as something massive as cricket, you just can’t help it.

You are back with the Horror show; Haunted Nights tell us something about it?

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera was one hour weekly show with a continuous story line where as Haunted Nights is a Monday to Friday show with a different story every week. So it’s an altogether new experience. The format that Haunted Nights is based on is the trend on currently and it keeps the audience captivated. To add to this the show we will have well known television personalities every week on the show.

Why did you select Sahara One?

The production house, the entertainment hub approached me with the show which was to be aired on Sahara One. Since the show looked very promising and horror being my core genre, I shared my consent to be a part of Sahara One family.

Not many Horror shows are on-air and the ones that are there fail to grab attention & TRP’s. Comment.

It’s all a part of research and development process. TV has excluded Indian Urban Male who usually resorts to News, Knowledge driven shows or English TV Channels. So in form of horror shows we are giving him something new. Usually women and children dominate as target audience.

What is the difference between TV and Bollywood?

TV provides an ample of room for experimentation. Also TV audience apart from being loyal are usually open to the ideas that movie-goers are not since movie-watching experience is becoming an expensive affair. TV audience is also more active. When we talk about horror on Television and movies, there’s a lot of difference. In cinema, we have what is called as captive audience. You are at cinema and there’s no botheration but when at home you enjoy the show with family. There’s door bell ringing, telephone ringing, neighbours walking into your house. So horror on television is definitely a challenge.

If given an opportunity will you direct TV Serial?

Of course I will. I have done all kinds of films and I am also open to doing TV serials. Television isn’t a step down but it’s a challenge at another level.

Is there any particular genre of show that you would prefer?

I certainly do prefer horror, mystery and thriller. That is my core expertise.

Many Bollywood actors are seen on TV, if given a chance what would you like to do the most, host, judge or participate in a reality show?

I would probably consider judging but I have not really thought on these lines as yet.

Are you a TV buff?

I am a huge American TV buff. I buy the CDs and watch them back to back.

Which shows do you watch regularly?

I prefer all kinds of American TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Dexter, 24 amongst others.

As a kid the shows that you never missed were?

As kids we used to have only Black & White television and I remember this one show called Magic Lamp every Sunday morning.

The hottest TV personality according to you is…

Arnab Goswami.

The most adorable Bollywood Star on TV?

Amitabh Bachchan.

Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?


What are the changes that you would want to bring on TV?

A lot of marketing research is already being done by the TV channels and a lot of effort is made to constantly make it more viewer-friendly so there isn’t any change that I would like to bring in at the moment.

Indian Television in one line is…

An ongoing Saga…

Your current projects and future plans?

Apart from Haunted Nights on Sahara One, there isn’t anything in the pipeline on television. I will take it as it comes.


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