We had a great time shooting in Switzerland – Rajan Shahi

What made you shoot in Switzerland with the Yeh Rishta team? How was the experience?

I would thank Star Plus and Swiss tourism for giving us the opportunity because the infrastructure and locations we got were excellent. It was one of the most user friendly shoots I’ve been on. The entire team was available there and worked very hard. We were able to explore several different locations and chose the one that suited us. So, the kind of cooperation we got from the people was great and it brought a huge positivity in our entire team.


You are known for as someone who makes shows with high production values and insist on the presentation?

I have always maintained a certain quality with my shows. I always want that whenever Director’s Kut Production (DKP) is mentioned, the quality and standard of production should be the first things that come to people’s mind. I am personally fond of an interesting presentation. And YRKKH (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai) demands such kind of presentation. Also, the new story has given us an opportunity and scope experiment with new costumes and several other things.


How is Vishal Singh shaping up as the new Naitik?

For Naitik’s character, I wanted someone who had not been much seen on television. I wanted to give dignity to his character, and Vishal Singh has that level of sophistication and class. Vishal is also like Naitik; both of them are nice souls.


YRKKH is doing well even after 8 years what is the success formula?

YRKKH is based on a very sound foundation of family, relationships and the beautiful bond that Naitik and Akshara share. Their relationship and their love story has progressed along with the young cast. As far as having a formula is concerned, there is no formula for a long running show. The important factor is the creative writing and the production team, who know how to evolve with time and engage people in the show. I would credit the entire writing and production team and all the people behind the scenes including our actors who have supported us throughout this journey. I have only been able to sustain the show because of the active cooperation of the entire team.


What is the best compliment you have got for YRKKH?

Only recently, I was told by someone that the class that is seen in YRKKH can only be maintained by Rajan Shahi, which is very inspiring. It feels nice when someone appreciates your hard work and vision. But it’s important not to take success or failure too seriously. Everything in this industry is momentary, and hence it is important to keep your head on your shoulders.


Your actors say you are supportive and humble and that they share a great bond with you…

I have always considered myself as a part of the entire team that works very hard to make a successful show. It takes a lot of efforts to make a successful show, and I always respect the hard work by actors, creatives and the technicians. I have worked from the grass root level. The broadcaster gives us an opportunity to make a good show, and they know that I will work with lot of sincerity and it won’t be just another project. We work with lots of honesty and dedication.



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