Vikramjet Virk says, “Mehmood Ghazni character helped me”.

Mehmood Ghazni character helped me to get Mahadeva Nayakudu character in Rudramadevi. The movie Rudramadevi is a very big budget movie which is on lines of Bahubali. Vikramjeet Virk has earlier done TV serials like Shobha Somnath ki, Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga, Devon ke Dev Mahadev and Maharakshak Aryan.Rudramadevi is due to release on 9th October. It’s releasing in  both Hindi & Telugu language.

How did you move to regional movie?
Ans: When I started my acting career, I had heard a lot about South movies anD also was obsessed with its action scene a lot. So it was my dream to be part of that cinema, finally one fine day I got a call for my first Malyalam movie Casanova with super star Mohan Lal. From there, my regional cinema journey started and believe me I am enjoying each aspect of it. For me language is not a barrier i always want to play different characters in different languages.

What types of roles or character you personally love to do?
Ans: All negative role, god has gifted such face and personality that I fit into those shoes only. I am very much happy the kind of roles I play.  I always wanted to play larger then life characters different from one another.

Tell us more about your character in Rudhramadevi?
Ans: I am playing as Mahadeva Nayakudu’s character in Rudramadevi. He is the main antagonist of the story very strong. Since childhood he is very aggressive by nature whatever he desires he achieves it by hook or crook. There is a huge “Kaktiya Kingdom” belongs to Rudhramdevi and he wants to conquer that Kingdom.

Was there something specific the director Gunasekar was looking for Mahadeva Nayakudu character?
Ans: Ofcourse yes! Many characteristics Gunasekar Ji was looking for. Mahadeva Nayakudu should be well built up, tall a good horse rider and yes for sure good actor (laughs). Director Gunasekhar saw me in one of my video of Shobha Somnath ki, where I did a Live act of horse riding as “Mehmood Ghaznavi” and later he saw more such videos of same. Finally he got imprresed by me(smile) and said i got my “Mahadeva Nayakudu”

Did you do some specific workshop or training for the same?
Ans: Yes! i had to gain almost 12 – 15kg weight for this role. Also did special weapon training whose weight was around 10 -12 kg and lot of action training. Director never wanted any compromise in looks and actions he just wanted everything perfect.

Where do you see yourself after few years?
Ans: The best thing for any actor is to reach his viewers or audience heart always. I want to explore myself more as an actor and do strong projects which leaves my impact on all. No matter whatever role i play protagonist or antagonist. People should wait for my movies.

Any bollywood movie in pipeline?
Ans: There are couple of projects I am in talking terms. I am waiting for right project as my kick start.

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