TV Industry is skewed against actors – Priyal Gor

Priyal Gor is hopeful that her second TV stint with SAB TV show Icchapyari Naagin will be better than her first. She had earlier done  shows like Ram Milaayi Jodi  and Dekha Ek Khwaab  “However, I was accused of being a tantrum thrower. I started off very early. I have matured over time. Also respect is  a two way street. The sad part is that in the equation between producer and actor, the former always is in control & we have to keep quiet. Actors are spending more time justifying  their actions. It also affects getting more work as well”. Priyal moved on to regional cinema (Punjabi, Malayalam and Telegu).”

In hind sight, would she have handled things differently? “I don’t regret  anything. The whole game is anyways skewed against actors. You work diligently for thirty days no one will praise, just one day if things go slightly haywire you are immediately branded as tantrum queen. To be honest toward the end of my earlier stint, I got so immune to such accusations that whenever someone would call me about the same, I would just say  believe  what you want. Also here, standing up for your self  is also called tantrums”

She further added, “I have also made mistakes, but then I have struggled a lot & not had it easy. I believe only  in hard work and not kissing up to others. I don’t’ socialize with industry guys for work, I hardly  have friends here. I can’t be politically correct saying one thing and doing something else”.

In closing Priyal who has also done Ek Boond Ishq and MTV Big F says ,“I have learnt a lot and hope that my previous  unpleasant experiences don’t  happen  again for it did leave a sour taste in my mouth. Having said that, I can’t change my basic DNA. I rather let my hard work and loyalty speak for me”


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