‘There will be tomorrow’ captures the hopes and failures of HIV +ve people flawlessly…

Do you know that there are about 2 million people world over who do not know that they are carrying HIV virus diseases? Do you know that HIV may be known as a sexually transmitted disease but it has many more reasons that are often ignored by people? Do you know that HIV is as good as any other chronic disease as blood sugar or blood pressure if right medicines are taken? Do you know that HIV patients can conceive a baby in a very regular and biological way if medicines are taken under medical guidance

All this is the voice of the film, There will be tomorrow. The movie furthermore speaks about the importance of sharing the problems with your near and dear ones. There can be problems in life and those would be followed by bigger and then even bigger problems. But if you have an emotional support system you can fight out most of the problems.

About the movie:

The film stars actors Sahil Salathia (who was last seen in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s TV show ‘Everest’) and Nimisha Mehta (Miss India pageant winner from UK) in the lead and is directed, written and produced by the very talented Bhushan Gaur.

‘There will be Tomorrow’ addresses the hopes and failures of the couples affected by HIV. While there have been many films on HIV awareness, ‘There will be Tomorrow’ specifically focusses on HIV victims having their own uninfected babies.
Recently, Gaur and his team screened the movie at the HIV Congress held in Goa on March 19 and were felicitated by the Honorable governor of Goa and HIV congress for their contribution in raising awareness about the disease. Along with the starcast and the doctors from across India and abroad there was a gathering of around three hundred plus people contributing to the field of HIV.

Bhushan wanted to ditch the mainstream love stories and other concepts and wanted to make a film that would educate and send an important message to people.

Commenting on the same, Bhushan says “Urge for progeny is basic for any human being. Millions of HIV patients world over lose hope in life. They believe their end is near and there is nothing much that they can do to their lives or to the world. I read an interesting story somewhere about an HIV infected man having his own uninfected baby and it lead me into a prolonged research. What resulted was a beautiful and very relatable story for just anyone.”

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