There is nothing between me & Manveer – Nitbha Kaul

Nitbha Kaul of  Bigg Boss10 fame, who is co hosting a new dating show on  MTV A  Date  to  Remember, is confident that her show will not go down the  road of other relationship shows, where the couple go their separate ways after the show’s wrapped up,  “ We will make sure that only that couple who is genuinely in love wins, and not someone who is faking it.”
This former techie from Delhi added “Right from the audtion process Manu Punjabi and me  have made it a point to find only genuine people. Agreed you require a certain amount of masala, but that should not take away from the honesty of finding true love. Hence I wish to cleary tell those who wish to be on my show,  pls drop any ideas of pulling some sleazy stunts just  to get noticed ,it won’t cut any ice with us.”
We then ask Nitbha about her alleged equation with Bigg Boss contestant Manveer Gujjar. See everybody likes a juicy controversy, which is fair.  But like  I have always maintained, I have nothing to do with him in that sense. We did chill a few times, but that’s about it.”
In closing we ask her about what kind of qualities make a relationship tick? “Honesty and yes courage to face the good and bad times. You just can’t enjoy the fun times and jump ship when things go south.”


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