There is no better host than Salman Khan – Gauhar Khan

How does it feel to have won the show?
I didn’t think I would win. Every day I used to tell myself that I havet to win but never expectedto win in reality. For a moment I thought, Tanishaa would win. When I Saw Tanuja Aunty in the audience I was like ‘Ab to Mera number nahiayega’. I will dedicate this title to all my fans who voted for me and people who wanted me to win.

You and Tanisha in the finale express that moment?
You must have seen the expression on my face. I couldn’t believe what I heard. My sister had to shake me and tell me that I am the winner. It was a dream-come-true moment for me.

What according to you helped you to win the title?
It’s been a good journey. I am who I am and I got lot of appreciation for being straight forward I was never fake. It was the real me.

Will your family accept Kushal?
I don’t think there will be an issues, he is a nice person and a gentleman as Nigar told me, ‘let the relationship be revealed in real world let it get a little exposure’. I will explore our relationship from today, now that I am out of the house. This is actually the day one to know him.

And when did you feel that Kushal is the right person for you?
In the initial week, I think the first week we were just friend I mean we just knew each other and that time he took my stand against Armaan in front of Salman which I really appreciate.

Do you think Salman Khan was biased?
There is no better host than Salman Khan. He is doing fantastic job I completely respect him he is a nice human being. He did his job really well.

What will you do with the prize money?
Frankly speaking I didn’t get a single minute to think about that I will be just relaxing two days then think.

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