‘Six-X’ is one of my best works – Sofia Maria Hayat

Sofia Maria Hayat, the actress turned nun, might soon return to her sexy avatar. Sofia is looking to do more films after   her long delayed film Six-X released  recently. “I am open to incredible scripts and roles like my role in Six-X, but  will limit to one or 2 movies a year as am also a healer and am dedicated to healing people and awakening their consciousness. I cannot leave the temple that I am building which will be complete very soon.”
Talking about Six-X  she says “It  was an  incredible experience. Ofcourse I got to write part of the script. It is intellectual as well as sensual.”

Interestingly only a while back  Sofia had mentioned to us  “ Six-X is one of my best works, but I would rather prefer that people dont watch my film, because my avatar is super sexy and seductive. All the things I am not anymore. I want people to know who I am now. The film was made last year.”


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