Shorgul movie review: A mediocre film with lot of rattle and riots sans substance!

Today Bollywood release Shorgul had not one, but three TV actors starring Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan and Anirudh Dave. However this story about how politician’s in India’s largest populated state engineer riots has turned out to be a damp squib so far at the BO despite all the controversies surrounding (some community was opposed to the film). The film’s release was delayed by a week. It is not even being released in UP properly due to security reasons.

A source who did not want to be named added that, “We had hoped that the controversy will help in generating interest in the film at least in cinema circuits outside UP. Plus the fact that we are now releasing today rather then last week mean we have more screens (last week had large number of releases ). But this hope also seems to be dashed as off now.”

The source further said that, ‘’We did not depend only on TV actor’s veteran cinema actors like Jimmy Shergil and Aushtosh Rana completed the cast.”

When asked about the same Hiten says, “We have tried to show the world the ugly truth. As for business I rather not comment. All I would request my fans to kindly watch the film and give an honest opinion. I have attempted to do something different. So Please let me know where I am good and where I need to improve.”

Eijaz was more forthright saying , “I always do my best and then disconnect. This is not the first time I have seen up’s and down’s. I have worked in films which have not even released.”


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