Shiny Dixit gets into slanging match with online fans

Shiny Dixit, Nehal from the show Zindagi Ek Mahek on ZEE TV, is the latest casualty in the ongoing war between female fans of actor Karan Vohra’s better half Bella Vohra. The female fans of Karan feel that Bella is jealous of them. We received a screenshot where Shiny was abusing a fan.  We spoke to Shiny, who had earlier done shows like Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do and Jodhaa Akbar.

An indignant Shiny had no regrets over the use of cuss words. “Why don’t you see the entire tenor of the conversation. The girl  I was speaking to was very abusive herself.  If she was brave enough, she  should have shared the entire chat with the media and not just a part of it.”
Shiny feels that the matter is being blown up unnecessarily. “I was only trying to help Bella  who is viciously trolled by jealous  fans, they don’t like that she is Karan’s better half, I guess. I was asking the girl why do they use such abusive language about Bella. She kept provoking me to say shit. She went to extent of calling me desperate and even  questioned my upbringing. No wonder  I eventually lost it.”


So how did it all start? “ I got over 40 comments  after I posted a picture with Bella, who works with an airline. A few were abusive, alleging that Sami (Samiksha – Karan’s leading lady) and Bella were not friends. I decided to stand up for Bella. I don’t  understand what problem fans have with Bella. There is no rift between Bella and Samiksha, they have even gone out for dinner.”

Shiny further refuted the fan’s allegations that Bella would block Karan’s fans.“ In fact she asked me to not to post pictures with her, for it might ruin my future as well, but I told her not to worry. Bella is quite happy with the success her hubby’s hard work is earning.”
In retrospect Shiny does feel that she could avoided getting into the matter “I should have not replied only to the girl.”


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