Shashank & I share a good equation – Vikram Singh Chauhan

We had earlier carried a story where we had reported that some Vikram Singh Chauhan fans were upset with his Jaana Na Dil Se Door co- star Shashank Vyas and were abusing him on social media.

We decided to touch base with Vikram for his reactions “Fan feedback is essential, we do pay a lot of attention to them when working out story lines. They are an important benchmark to judge a character’s popularity, which eventually leads to TRP’s. It was this same popularity which made the creative team stretch the initial Atharava and Vividha (Shivani  Surve) track to five months.”
This resulted in the delay of Shashank Vyas’s entry
Does the online snipping affect you and Shashank’s equation? “No, he  is a good friend and we actor’s really don’t get into what fans think about us. These things are bound to happen, you can’t please all. Also we take all this positively for they indicate that our show is getting noticed.”
He also rejected the allegation by some fans that Shashank deliberately posts stuff online of memorable scenes, in a bid to take away the limelight. “No actor does such stuff for we know that we all  have our respective fan base, which will not go away come what may.”
However, Vikram did seem to get a bit wrankled by Shashank’s recent quote  that he is the backbone of the show, “ If he said that, then it is fine. Finally it’s the audience that decides who runs the show. Speaking about me, I feel I have  a long way to become a good actor, but the journey is on.”


Do you think sometimes fans get personal? “Luckily, not in my case. I am in regular touch with my fans, who do fight for my character. Having  said that I don’t really let them get into my personal space.”


In closing Vikram says,“ I would just ask all fans to keep loving the  show. But while doing so, don’t  mix the actor with the character. You have full right to  hate/love Ravish or Atharva, but while doing so don’t do anything, which might  hurt the actors playing  them.”


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