Richa Soni makes a comeback with ‘Jaat Ki Jugni’

Richa Soni of Bhagyavidhata fame, who returns to regular fiction after a long break, with Sony TV show Jaat Ki Jugni, has no qualms of aging on screen. “I will not want  to dabble in web series only to look young, as I have no problems aging gracefully on screen. I am  a practical girl who understands TV dynamics. Other TV actresses have issues with not being recognized as themselves when they go out in their normal avatar. It doesnt bother me”
But yes she does have an issue playing a mother on screen. “As it entails a number of other factors as well. The main reason for  saying yes to this tole is that each character has something more  to offer to the viewers. If any character other than Bauji  (Yash Tonk) has a say in this show, it is me his wife. Savita  is a strong headed woman who loves her sister in law Munni (Madirakshi Mundle). She doesnt have a child so is close to ger sister in law but she can’t cross her husband.”


She further adds that  the audiences will get to see a completely different avatar of hers than in Bhagyavidhata.
“Bindiya spoke Bihari, here I will talk with a Harvanvi accent. Secondly and more importantly, my earlier character was a bit emotionally charged but Savita is more mature.”


After Bhagyavidhata she was last seen in a cameo in Siya Ke Ram. “During the long break I  travelled a lot, did my own show. Our family business  also takes my time. I did not want to come back just for sake of being seen.  I don’t fear being out of public eye. I have faith in my abilities and also in fate. If something good is written in my destiny it will happen, period.”


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