Rakhi in Khaki will expose Bollywood double standards – Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, who was on a sabbatical is back with a satirical cop based web series called Rakhi In Khaki. It will have lots of sexual innuendos and will  openly  take on Bollywood biggies. We caught up with Rakhi who was looking like a smart cop at the press conference, excerpts of a chit chat.

You had been away for a while?

I had an accident during a dance performance in  Colombo.  I fell on my head, as a  result   I become female Ghajni. It had taken me  month’s to just remember my own cell number. I have forgotten where my money is as my CA also passed away. I am better now.


Did the down time affect you?

I don’t go into depression, I give other tensions. Sadly, rivals took advantage  of my absence and became item number queens.


There is lot  of sexual jokes in your web series?

When censored films can have some vulgarity  e.g. Kya  Cool Hai Hum and porn stars dancing, why cant we have little fun in my show.  And remember there is no censorship on Youtube.


We hear you will expose big B-Town names?

Yes many, eg. Karan Johar-Fawad Khan. We will also air an episode on  Ekta Kapoor.


Will Ekta not be offended as, you also belong to tv ?

When she took digs at me, did I scream, so why should she?


Your take on Bigg Boss 10 ?

I would  love to take on Swami ji, who is he to talk derogatory about women like she is old,  has slept with so and so!  Are you a judge? If I get a chance to come on the show, I would steal his clothes and tonsure his hair.


But why is Colors  bringing such people in the first place?

It  is a strategy to make people sit up  and take notice.


Who do you think is playing well this season?

VJ  Bani , Lopamudra and Manveer.


Can we see you doing more TV?

I will never leave TV.  I wana play a very strong bahu who takes on her saas.  I am too young to play a mother in law.  I am  brave enough to try out newer formats , e.g.  Swayamwar  and Big Boss, etc  other’s only  follow  my footsteps..



I am doing south stuff.  I am working on a film where I play Durga with her 9 avatars.


You seem to be anti Sunny Leone ?

She is  a porn star who is working with big stars. Even I need  the  money, but I did not strip and make out on TV.   When international girls go out in the buff it is fine and when an Indian girl does a show like Rakhi in Khakhi  you have an issue.


Your last Hindi film Ek Kahani Julie Ki did not do well at the  Box Office??

It  got released,  which  is a big thing, as some films with bigger names don’t even see the light of day. We got over 700 screens.  It  did not do well in  Mumbai, but  got good responses in smaller centers.


You were recently in the new for wearing a dress which had PM Narendra Modi’s face

What is wrong, if I wore dress with him,  did I commit a crime ? I respect him a lot.



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