Rajeev Khandelwal is the hottest TV personality – Farah Khan

She has bagged the title of ‘Queen Khan’ and she certainly deserves to be called so as she is the only Queen Khan amidst all the Khan Badshahs. The biggest stars have danced on her tunes and most of them have also opened their hearts out on her chat show. Well you don’t need to be a genius to guess who am I talking about. Farah Khan has been there and done all on our small screen from judging to hosting. She is the only Bollywood celebrity to do ten shows and all of these shows have been successful. Farah talks to GR8! about her journey and let’s see what her views on today’s TV trends are…?

You have successfully hosted and judged ten TV shows, how has been your journey till now?

It has been a roller-coaster journey; I love television and enjoy doing it. I never realised that I have already done ten shows. TV has a wide reach and you instantly get connected to your audience. More than that TV is flexible as far as the amount of time it consumes unlike movies where you have to give in a lot of time and attention. So with three kids I feel really comfortable being on TV as it leaves me with enough time to spend with my kids.

What do you enjoy more- Judging or Anchoring?

Both are interesting and there’s no doubt in it but judging comes easy to me. Being an anchor is a lot of hard work and consumes more time.

Which is your best show until now?

It’s very difficult to say as every show has been different in its own way. And I have enjoyed each and every moment thoroughly on all the shows. To be honest Indian Idol was my first reality show so obviously it’s my favourite, Dance India Dance was an amazing experience with the talented kids; I just loved all the kids on the show. Tere Mere Beach Mein was again very close as all my friends came on the show and it was very close to my heart. And Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega is also quite special. So you see, all my shows are very special in a different way and I cannot choose one over the other (Smiles).

How is TV different from Bollywood?

It’s very much different in every way. I have been a part of both the glamour worlds and can say that they work quite differently. But the fact is that both have their own niche and there isn’t any need of comparison.

If you get a good script, will you be comfortable directing a TV serial?

To be honest my answer is NO, I am happily directing movies and I really don’t think that I would direct serials. Television serials are really time consuming and I have seen the way it works so I would rather be judging or anchoring a show that direct it.

Are you a TV buff?

Yes but partially. I only watch reality shows of different genres and I love them but I just cannot watch serials.

Which shows do you watch regularly?

I cannot follow any show regularly thanks to my busy schedule but as and when I get time I like to watch Kaun Banega Crorepati, Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi, etc. in short reality shows.

The hottest TV personality according to you is…

Hmm… Rajeev Khandelwal.

The most adorable Bollywood Star on TV?

Salman Khan, he just is himself and enjoys doing his work which in turn is really entertaining and loved by the audience.

Your favourite shows over the years have been?

I haven’t been a regular television buff but in the recent past it has been Bigg Boss.

Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?

Yes it has progressed especially technologically wise. TV today has successfully created a niche for itself. But when I see the soaps I really am in a fix and feel that it has partially progressed as what the serials show isn’t reality. If a trend is hit, everyone follows suit and what you see is the same thing in a different way on all the channels. There is a need of experimentation and people need to come out of their comfort zone and try to do something different.

If you could change one thing on Indian TV, what would it be?

Make-up and hair which is a bit over done, it really needs to be toned down yaar.


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