Rabbit Year:

  • 1903 (Water Rabbit)
  • 1915 (Wood Rabbit)
  • 1927 (Fire Rabbit)
  • 1939 (Earth Rabbit)
  • 1951 (Metal Rabbit)
  • 1963 (Water Rabbit)
  • 1975 (Wood Rabbit)
  • 1987 (Fire Rabbit)
  • 1999 (Earth Rabbit)
  • 2011 (Metal Rabbit)
  • 2023 (Water Rabbit)
  • 2035 (Wood Rabbit)

Character & Personality Traits:

Individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to possess certain character and personality traits according to Chinese astrology. Here are some common characteristics associated with people born in the Year of the Rabbit:

  1. Gentle: Rabbits are known for their gentle and kind nature. They are often considerate of others’ feelings and try to avoid conflict.
  2. Sensitive: Rabbits are sensitive and intuitive. They can often sense the emotions of those around them and respond empathetically.
  3. Caring: Rabbits are caring and nurturing. They often take care of others and are deeply invested in the well-being of their loved ones.
  4. Artistic: Rabbits are often artistic and creative. They have a strong appreciation for beauty and may excel in artistic pursuits.
  5. Diplomatic: Rabbits are diplomatic and tactful. They are good at navigating social situations and can often find peaceful resolutions to conflicts.
  6. Reserved: Rabbits can be reserved and introverted. They may prefer to spend time alone or in small, intimate settings rather than large crowds.
  7. Loyal: Rabbits are loyal to their friends and family. They value close relationships and will stand by those they care about.
  8. Elegant: Rabbits are often seen as elegant and refined. They have a sophisticated style and may have a taste for the finer things in life.
  9. Caution: Rabbits tend to be cautious and may take a conservative approach to life. They prefer to think things through carefully before making decisions.
  10. Peace-loving: Rabbits are peace-loving and dislike confrontation. They will often go out of their way to maintain harmony in their relationships.

These traits are generalizations and may not apply to every individual born in the Year of the Rabbit. However, they provide a broad overview of the characteristics often associated with this zodiac sign.

Lucky Colours:

Pink, Purple, Blue

  • Pink represents love and romance.
  • Purple symbolizes royalty and luxury.
  • Blue signifies peace and tranquility.

Lucky Gems:

Pearl, Moonstone

  • Pearl is believed to bring purity, tranquillity, and prosperity to Rabbits.
  • Moonstone is said to enhance Rabbits’ intuition, creativity, and emotional balance.

Lucky Number:

Lucky numbers 3, 4, and 6.

  • The number 3 represents creativity and social skills, important qualities for the gentle and sociable Rabbit.
  • The number 4 symbolizes stability and pragmatism, helping the Rabbit navigate life’s challenges with ease.
  • The number 6 is associated with harmony and balance, reflecting the Rabbit’s desire for a peaceful and harmonious life. 

Lucky Days:

4th and 13th of every Chinese lunar month

Lucky Partner:

Best matches: Sheep, Pig, Dog

  • The Rabbit and Sheep are both gentle and nurturing, creating a harmonious relationship.
  • The Rabbit and Pig share a love for beauty and comfort, enjoying a peaceful and loving relationship.
  • The Rabbit and Dog are both sensitive and caring, understanding each other’s emotional needs.

Please note that the above is based on interpretations and beliefs. Its insights and predictions should be viewed as guidance and entertainment rather than absolute truths.

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