Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj Singh lawyer quits the case!

The unfortunate incident of Pratyusha Banerjee committing suicide has now taken a new twist. New details and speculations are unfolded every single day. We had already informed readers that medicine, cigarette stubs were found in significant quantity at her place.

And now what we hear is more shocking. According to Pratyusha’s parents and her TV producer friend Vikas Gupta, they suspect that Rahul has 9- year old son from his previous wedlock. Few reports suggested that Pratyusha was in financial distress as she was not getting any good offers.

Also if these developments were not enough, Rahul Raj Singh’s lawyer Neeraj Gupta has quit the case on the grounds that Rahul was not being transparent and was hiding critical information from him. Singh is currently booked for abetment of suicide. With his lawyer abandoning the case, things will be more difficult for Rahul.

Though we wish peace for Pratyusha’s soul, we also hope the suspense and mystery revolving around her suicide becomes clearer and justice is served to her.

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