People are not loyal anymore in relationships – Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan of Naagin fame, who  was involved in a much publicized love triangle with Ankit Gera and Roopal Tyagi, seems to have given up on  love. “When you see so many break ups and divorces, you feel there is no loyalty left between couples. In such situation it is better to be single, happy and working. It is better then getting involved with someone,  getting  your heart broken and ruining your life. Forget unmarried couples, today it is become normal for married people to have flings and extra martial affairs. Some also have a relationship under the guise of friendship. It doesnt work for me. If  I am in a relationship, I need to make sure it is a success.”

Her heart break did shatter her back then. “I have my  learnt  my lessons and have evolved as a person. It was the darkest phase of my life, for first I lost my mom, then within a short time the break up also happened.”

On asked if there is pressure on her to get hitched, she sayd “Dad is very understanding. He says the bottom line is that  you are happy. He is more happy to have a single daughter who is happy and successful, than a divorcee given how fickle relationships are these days”

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