One thing that I want to change is Sensationalism in News…Rahul Bose..

Rahul Bose has been there and done it all from Theatre and Radio to Cinema and Television. His calibre as an actor, as a performer is unparalleled and his Sporty personality too was beyond compare on the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. Recently as the host of The Pitch on Bloomberg UTV, Rahul added one more feather to his cap and of course was fabulous as the host for this business reality show. In tête-à-tête with Rahul Bose…

What made you nod a yes for The Pitch?

The most important factor that made me nod a yes for The Pitch is the fact that it’s a show making people’s dream come true. It is constructive, intelligent and positive which is another factor that I really like about the show because generally there is a lot of negativity in reality shows.

Weren’t you skeptical to host a show on a News Channel while most Bollywood Celebs are seen on GEC’s?

I was more concerned about the show and the format rather than thinking if it’s being telecasted on a GEC or a news channel.

Did the popularity or TRP factor of the show bother you as it’s a business reality show?

As you said it’s a business reality show so of course it caters to a niche audience and certainly with a show with limited audience will have lesser TRP in comparison to other shows.

Your experience on the show?
Ohh it was fantastic, really splendid! It was wonderful to see how the contestants with a great deal of hard work went ahead in the competition. It was right and healthy competition. The best part was that everybody celebrated other’s success, they would advise each other and there were no ego hassles. The contestants were in true term business leaders and down to earth. I am gratified that I was part of such an amazing show.

Will you call yourself a TV buff?
No, I am a Sports Buff.

According to you the difference between TV and Bollywood?
There are many, many differences; Major differences. In fact I feel there is no similarity between TV and Cinema. Cinema is completely different from TV in all aspects like film making style, audiences, money and experience. Both the mediums have their own characteristics, they just can’t be compared with each other as the dimensions and the aspects attached to each of the medium are different.

If an opportunity comes by, will you ever do a TV serial?
It depends on a lot of factors, I can’t comment on it right now.

Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?
Hmm… I would say Yes and No. In terms of the shows and serials I feel Buniyad and Hum Log were far better. Definitely it has progressed in technology and News Journalism but reality TV has regressed.

What are the changes that you would want to bring on TV?
The one thing that I would want to change on TV would be the Sensationalism in News.

Your journey…

My journey has been very, very satisfying. I have done films which I wanted to do. In my initial years I have done theatre and also did Radio plays like Suitable. I have hosted a show on radio- Between The Line. I was a part of the Reality show- Khatron Ke Khiladi and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And now was a host of a Business show. I am truly satisfied with my journey as I have always done what I really wanted to do, what my heart went out for.

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