Nothing hypocritical about Sofia Hayat showing skin – Rakhi Sawant

Item girls Sophia Hayat and Rakhi Sawant seem to be bonding well. The former actress turned nun recently declared that she wanted Rakhi to get married this year and she is looking for a perfect groom
In response Rakhi who is now acting in a web series Rakhi in Khakhi says, “I am  happy single. If powerful people like Salman Khan, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Baba Ramdev can be bachelors, why not me? Having said that if Sofia really wants me to settle down, she should find me a rich white guy.  If not she should arrange a swayamwar for me where the above biggies will be present. I will ask each of them a question and I will marry the   one who answers correctly.” She refused to ask which question she will ask PM Modi.
When asked about the general view that Sofia is a fake since she claims to be a nun, yet shows lots of skin. Rakhi fired back saying, “Sofia is a mother, can’t a mother have a hot body and flaunt it?  When Malaika Arora Khan who is a mother shows skin, no one makes a hue and cry.  I wish to make clear that I love Sofia’s body, she is hot, if as a girl Iam saying, think about what guys must be thinking.”
Rakhi further adds “Our society is blatantly anti female. “ No one raises an eye brow when Baba Ramdev does yoga in little clothes, similarly we have male guys doing nude yoga. When Radhe Ma, dispite being pictured in arms of others can be hailed as god woman, why not give Sofia the tag of mother. She is not harming anyone.”


In closing Rakhi informs that if she gets a chance she will visit Sophia’s London temple. “It is beautiful. I also hope to one day have my own temple.”  However she refused to speculate on what will her teachings will be. “It will depend on what kind of inner awaking, I get like Sofia.”

Interestingly, Rakhi had earlier taken a dig at Sofia, when the latter again showed her sexy side post nunhood by asking, “What happened to u dear Sofia, you are not a mother anymore?”


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