Not my job to make co artistes comfortable – Barkha Bisht

There has been speculation that Barkha Bisht Sengupta, who has  just exited the Star Plus show Naamkarann, did not make the child artist Arsheen Namdaar comfortable. However when we spoke to Barkha about the same, she dismissed it saying, “Please ask  her. It is not my prerogative to find out who is comfortable and who is not. We are all professionals doing our job. Today even kids, thanks to the exposure, are way more mature than their age. Everybody has to watch out for themselves, nobody can make you comfortable or not.  You connect with some and not with others. I really don’t give too much importance  to it.”
When asked if the channel played a role in her ouster as Arsheen allegedly told them she was uncomfortable with her. “You will have to ask the channel. It would be juveline  to expect the channel to give in to demand of a child actor or any actor for that matter. Many  things happen on a show”

She agrees she was not close to Arsheen. “On set I am very professional, once off set I am detached. Having said that i get along with most people.” She goes on “Arsheen is pampered on the sets, maybe I was not the most pampering. But, honestly all my energies go toward my child.  I repeat I am a professional and if that made somebody uncomfortable so be it . I dont have that much bandwith to think about what and why. We work with so some many artists, that if we start wondering what irk ‘s who we will go insane. “
In closing Barkha, who is  on a much deserved break, has no qualms about  her exit from the show. “The creative took a call, so be it. It was a good show when it started.”


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