Neha Dhupia extremely upset because of the politics in Roadies

Roadies is known for its politics and power play, however, one of the newest gang leaders, Neha Dhupia was taken by surprise on the first day of the Roadies journey because of the politics which she was not quite expecting in the first episode itself. Being the only female gang leader on Renault MTV Roadies X4 this year, Neha was given a very warm welcome by Prince Narula and Karan Kundra, however, things took a turn as Neha’s own gang members got embroiled in politics. Neha could not deal with the politics and was very upset because of her gang members going against each other. Neha’s gang members were seen playing dirty politics where they were trying to outdo each other. Having had prior stint in Roadies, Rannvijay, Karan and Prince are pretty much used to the power play, but Neha being new in the bandwagon, was affected to an extent where she was about to break down.

Confirms a source from the set, “Neha was extremely upset because of the behavior of her gang members. She was almost on the verge of crying but Rannvijay, Karan and Neha calmed her down and advised her to be strong and level- headed.”

Neha better gear up as Roadies was and will be all about politics. So, in order to survive and win, Neha will have to play her cards smartly!

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