Neel Madhav talks about Magic!

Neel Madhav, the young magician of India, exclusively talks to GR8 on magic and how it is bing compared to Chris Angel…

Tell us what have u been doing post the 1st season?

Well, I’ve just being doing what I love the most, Magic! I’ve been travelling all over the world, performing magic at live shows, corporate events, award functions etc. Also, I wanted You Got Magic Season 2 to take magic to a whole new level. So I gave a lot of time to myself to prepare the tricks for Season 2 and I’m glad they’ve turned out to be so good.

What new tricks have you learnt?

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot, getting inspired by stories all around the world and making new magic effects which have never been attempted in the history of magic! I can confidently say that You Got Magic Season 2 is definitely going to break the boundaries of magic in India and give it the respect that it deserves.

What was your experience in different cities that you visited for your show?

The journey we undertook for Season 2 was no less than a dream! We visited so many places, met so many people, ate so much food – It was all a roller coaster ride. You know the whole concept of meeting people from different backgrounds, performing magic for them and watching their reactions, is actually the most exciting part of the journey for me.

You are just 22, people say you are Indian version of Chris Angel… what do you have to say and how does it feel?

It’s very weird! Because these are the people I grew up watching. David Blaine, Dynamo and Criss Angel, all these people are living legends. Now that I’m being considered the face of contemporary magic in India and being compared to them, is truly an honour. But still, it’s far too weird to comprehend.

In your 2nd season, what new tricks are there?

The tricks in Season 2 are way bigger and better than anything I’ve done till now. And the best part is, though these tricks are extremely grand in their scale, they’re equally people centric and I’ve received insane reactions from people I met along the journey. For more details tune in to NDTV Good Times, the show is hitting on air from September 25, every Friday at 8:30 pm

What advice would you like to give the new generation?

From a person who is still trying to achieve what he wants from life, just a small piece of advice, Don’t Think Twice!

Can they take up magic as full time profession?

Of course they can! Magic as an art is expanding to an unimaginable level! You know just how music was 10 years back, the change has started, the audience just needs to get used to it.

Do you plan to start magic school?

Like you said I’m just 22. I still have a lot to learn before I am in a position to teach. Also, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

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