Melanie Nazareth upset with her steamy videos leaked online

Melanie Nazareth (Mel), who is awaiting the release of ‘Ek  Tera  Saath’ on 21 st October, is a bit surprised at the recently leaked steamy videos of her. Earlier a video was released, which showed her dancing in a suggestive way with  co- star Hritu Dudani and recently one more of Mel & Ssharad Malhotra’s intimate kissing has found its way in the mailbox of journos.

Mel who had done several TV shows, before Qubool Hai got her recognition, reasons that these clips might have been deliberately leaked by the marketing team to create a buzz around the film.
Mel further adds that she has no issues with the leaked smooching scene. “It is part of the game. It was shot with the consent of both actors and was the requirement of the film, as my character was intensely in love. Though the scene was later removed by the director Arshad Siddiqui as they wanted the film to appeal to kids, during the ongoing festival  season.”
Mel is more upset at the earlier video of her and Hritu “It was deliberately edited and the song added to make it look something else. I had shot the original video during our shooting schedule. And it was very innocent and sweet about 2 girls having fun”

“Luckily my parents have not see the clip as they are not internet savvy. I have spoken to Arshad and asked him to find out who is responsible and also if possible get the videos off the web.”

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