Meet Rytasha Rathore – the lead of ‘Badho Bahu’

At the age of 23, this talented girl is not only going to make her television debut but is also a successful certified theatre artiste, an English teacher, a voice over artist as well as a host. Rytasha Rathore will be playing the leading lady in the upcoming serial, ‘Badho Bahu’ produced by Hum Tum Telefilms Private Limited and Sunny Side Up Films. The daily soap that is to go on air very soon will feature Rytasha as an unconventional daughter-in-law.

How did you decide to get into the theatre world?

So, I had set in my mind well in advance that I wanted to pursue acting. It was in the ninth grade that I chose acting. My sister had studied at the LASALLE- College of Arts, Singapore, which paved the way for me too, to learn the art of acting. I applied for admission there, and got my skills polished at the institute after which I did a number of plays. My very first one was ‘Me Grandad And An Elephant’ by Digvijay Sawant . It has been six years now in theatre.

Why the name ‘Badho Bahu’?

The production team has given the name to the show, keeping in mind the life of Haryanvi women. In the state of Haryana, if a woman is fat or stout, they call her badho. This is the real thing, the disparity between men and women. Komal, is called Badho by the males and others in society, because of her healthy physical appearance. Komal is a sweet and loving daughter-in-law. She is spunky, yet a simple girl who has a very big heart.

Theatre to television is quite a leap. What do you have to say about the transition?

Basically, it’s more or less the same thing. Just that when you are working on camera, you have to be a little more aware of the technical aspects. You have to hit your mark, you have to catch the light and you have to keep doing it over and over again, say if there is a technical issue. Whereas on stage, you get to rehearse for two or three months, and then one fine day, you go out there and just do it! That obviously is a little easier considering the preparation time. In television, you get your lines a day before or on the day of the shoot. It definitely is challenging.

A career that you think you could have pursued, other than acting?
Well, I would have loved to write or do stand-up comedy or even sketch comedy. Probably street based kind of plays.

What is it that you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I chill with my family and friends, watch movies, go on long drives and I love to travel a lot.

The best drama or play you have watched so far.
‘ILA’ is one of the most commendable dramas I have seen recently; best theatre performance.

How does it feel to be acting on television?
I’m getting to learn a lot and something new every day. It’s a different routine and demands for on the spot results. I can uncover so many things about myself. I get to discover facets about the character everyday, so it is a different process.


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