Manish Raisinghani is one happy man whose happiness shows in the form of his Perfect Body!

Manish Raisinghani, who rose to popularity with his character of Sameer in Teen Bahuraniyaan is one happy man whose happiness shows in the form of his Perfect Body! The easygoing lad, currently seen in Sasural Simar Ka in a fit – for – fat talk with GR8!..

Fitness for you is…

Being at your best – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I begin my day…

By waking myself up, standing under the shower because it is only water that is capable of waking me up. It takes a lot of time for me to wake up.

My daily diet.

Maa ke haath ka khaana! I am a total ‘ghar ka khaan’ kind of person. I wake up to a heavy and lavish breakfast. My lunch doesn’t feel complete without a bucket full of butter milk (Laughs). My dinner is the very basic dal-chawal and the most amazing part of my diet is the in-between meals, anything and everything is welcome. I am a foodie and I keep eating throughout the day!

My Workout regime…

I am not much of a gym person and concentrate more on free hand workout and circuit training. But I would suggest people to do muscle training thrice a week, two muscles per day and the rest of the days, do cardio and abs or take up any sport of your choice. I do that too and feel that it’s the best way to keep your body off the boredom from the gym routine.

Given a chance, I would binge on…

Chatpata stuff! I love all kinds of junk food but Bhel Puri and Pani Puri top the list.

How do you manage working out on days when you are hectically shooting?

I do free hand work out like push-ups, pull ups, free squats and stretches and these are sufficient to keep one in shape forever!

Who are the fittest celebrities according to you?

I believe with the growing competition all celebrities are absolutely up to the mark physically, though Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham top the list!

How would you rate yourself on a fitness scale of 10?

Considering the way I ill-treat my body and it still keeps up in great shape, I would like to give it a 10 on 10. But considering the genetic potential of my body, I think I can achieve a lot with little care. Thus, I would rate myself a 6 on 10 because that extra four is pretty much achievable, that too with ease!

Are you a fitness freak?

I can say I am a freak who is fit by default. Touchwood!

Your secret fitness tips?

Eat healthy and sleep on time, this is an open secret of a fit body and healthy mind. But honestly, lifestyle is one thing that we take for granted, especially in a place like Mumbai. We only see the short term effects of not eating and sleeping properly in the form of dark circles to stress and lower immunity occasionally. But honestly, these are just small signals our body gives us towards the bigger ailment of our system right from mental problems like depression to sugar problems, etc. The secret isn’t a secret, as everyone knows it but few practice it; Eat healthy and sleep well.

A common fitness myth…

Just the way beauty is not skin deep, in the same way fitness is not just physical. People mistake a fit body for being totally fit. Fitness is having a healthy body and more importantly a positive mind. If I have a healthy mind and body, only then do I believe that I am fit to be called fit.

My happiness quotient…

Making yourself happy can be tiring and more often than not disheartening. We as humans are super greedy and seldom satisfied when it comes to our own self. Giving happiness to every inch around you and fulfilling other’s wishes can make you happier than struggling for your own happiness. Being genie would rather make me a much happier man than being an Aladdin with a magic lamp!

My idea of relaxation…

Anything from sleeping to playing sports or from pursuing a hobby to may be just sitting idle, doing nothing, all can be relaxing. So I just follow my heart and relax but my favourite way to relax is adventure. Doing things which are not usual and routine or boring is my way to relax!


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