Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Mahaakshay Chakraborty may have just done a handful of films but he has got the critics notice his acting calibre. He also expored the small screen and was seen in Anhoniyon Ka Andhera and Dance Ke Superstars and he surely seemed to have enjoyed his small stints on TV. Mahaakshay in this exclusive interview with GR8! Shares his views about TV, talks about his stint on TV and his opinion on Dance India Dance…

Tell us about your stint on TV?

Mahaakshay : It was amazing, that one day shoot for Anhoniyon Ka Andhera with Anita Hassanandani was quite thrilling. It was a promotional shoot for Haunted and I was playing myself, it was great fun. I was so excited to be on Dance Ke Superstars but at the same time was very nervous too as I had to perform. I gave many re-takes, Dharmesh and Siddesh came up to me and said to just give it a shot. All the contestants on this show are Dancing Stars and have showcased their talent. In fact, I too am a fan of their’s.


Many Bollywood actors are seen on TV, if given a chance would you like to feature on TV?

Mahaakshay : Of course I would love to be a part of it, provided I am offered good money (Smiles).


Your dad has been an integral part of TV since past few years, didn’t you ever think of exploring the medium?

Mahaakshay : Well, honestly I haven’t been approached in a right way as in for the right show. TV is much easier, gives instant recognition and has a wide reach. I would definitely do a show if the right offer comes my way.


Your view on DID and how close is the show to Mithunda?

Mahaakshay : Dance India Dance and Mithun Chakraborty coexist; dad’s quite close to DID and even its Bengali version. Dance Bangla Dance has completed 6 seasons and it’s the only reality show that has continued for so long. It has a strong fan base, people love to watch it and the show is popular because of the talent and its high standard. It’s a complete show, grandmaster, judges, contestants and not just one person but the whole team is responsible for its success. Five-six year old kids come and refer dad as Grandmaster, it has increased his fan base in the younger generation. It’s one of my dreams to share screen space with dad on DID and one day I surely will.


What would you like to do the most, host, judge or participate in a reality show?

Mahaakshay : Well, being an anchor will be quite challenging for me. I haven’t ventured into TV at all, so I would love to explore the medium and host, judge shows. There isn’t any specific genre as such that I would prefer.


If you get a good script, will you be comfortable doing a TV serial?

Mahaakshay : No, not really. I haven’t kept my feet firmly in films yet so jumping on to TV right now isn’t something that I want to do. Once I am settled in my movie career, next step will be TV. But as of now I am concentrating on movies.


What is the difference between TV and Bollywood?

Mahaakshay : There is no difference as such except the one fact that in India, when an actor is type casted as a TV actor, it’s difficult for him to get into movies. In the same way, if a Bollywood actor does a TV series, it will be concluded as that isne movies chod di; unlike in West where actors very comfortably do movies as well as television. Acting is an art and it shouldn’t be divided into mediums.


Are you a TV buff?

Mahaakshay : Not really, I am more of into my I-pod and watch movies on it. I watch a few series and Family Guy is one of my favourites. I don’t even receive any calls in that half an hour from 11-11.30.


Which shows do you watch regularly?

Mahaakshay : I don’t follow any show currently but I am a huge fan of Bigg Boss. The show keeps me glued to TV and I am waiting for its next season. It catches my attention and if I miss, I ask my brothers and sister what happened on the show. Bhai added on to the show and I loved the last season a lot especially because Bhai was hosting it, he did an amazing job.


Seeing that you are a huge fan, would you like to participate in Bigg boss?

Mahaakshay : No, I don’t think I would participate in it, but ya I would love to host it.


As a kid the shows that you never missed were?

Mahaakshay : Aahat though I used to get petrified but still I used to watch it. Then I loved Just Mohabbat and even C.I.D. I guess I was the Sony guy as the channel had launched at that point of time.


The hottest TV personality according to you is…

Mahaakshay : There is a tie on this. Shweta Tiwari is hot, she has maintained herself perfectly. In fact, I even voted for her in Bigg Boss. And another is Kashmera Shah, whatever people may say, she is bold, bindaas, etc. but no one can deny the fact that she is hot.


The most adorable Bollywood Star on TV?

Mahaakshay : Definitely, Bhai in Bigg Boss. He is fun to watch, entertaining and absolutely bindaas. Amitabh Sir was amazing too but the way bhai used to pull the legs of the contestants, it was fun to watch the show. He is like elder brother, that’s why I call him Bhai not even Salman Bhai.


Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?

Mahaakshay : Drastically, there are so many new channels and new shows; after Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, the scenario has changed and TV got bigger. There are a billion shows on TV; you are so confused as to which one to watch. There is a new show every week, and TV has become magnanimous.


What are the changes that you would want to bring on TV?

Mahaakshay : No changes, it has already evolved a lot.


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