It is tough to portray a junkie – Sreejita Dey

Sreejita Dey aka Mukta of Colors’s cult show Uttaran will be essaying the role of a junkie in her new Star Plusshow Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai. “Kavya does not get enough attention from her mother (Nivedita Bhattacharya ), who is more focussed on her stepsister Geetanjali (Surbhi Jyoti). Her biggest problem is that her childhood love always had feelings for Geetanjali only. All these complexes make her a wild gal, partying with guys, doing drugs and attending rave parties etc. ”
Can you identify with Kavya? “Yes, for today’s young generation is a lot like her, many  feel neglected by both their working folks and find refuge in the wrong things. They are also influenced a lot by peer pressure to try out dope. However, it would be wrong on society to label them, as they are living depressed lives”
Since you are a popular actor don’t you feeling youth will start aping you and also do drugs? “But then they will also get inspired when  Kavya turns a page after  Mr. Right walks into her life.”
How did you prepare for this character? “ I followed lots of English films and series, which realistically depict how junkies and alcoholics behave.  It is said that Shahid Kapoor spent a couple of months with cocaine addicts to get into the skin of  his Udta Punjab character. I couldnt do it for obvious reasons. I also saw the dark Hindi flickShaitan, which showed how junkies itch themselves to bleed. As an actor it is tough to portray such characters as you have to be very bold.”
Have you been to rave parties? “It’s ambience, music and lighting turn me off. I rather dig a  quite dinner with good food and a glass of wine, or a normal cafe outing. I am not too much of a party person for it gets tough to stand for hours in heels .”


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