It is easier playing a sweet bahu: Tejaswi Wayangankar

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar  of super hit  Colors show  Swaragini  has not led success get to her head, “I never really consider my standing in the industry ,  I would have put equal efforts in any other lower ranking show as well.”  Tejaswi  also has  no qualms in accepting  that  over the top drama still sells, “The fact that our  TRP went up from 2.8 -3.8 (chart buster on  Colors)  when my character  Ragani  turned negative is indicative of the same . ”

When asked about the difference between playing positive and negative?  She says, “It is easier playing a sweet bahu for all you need to do is give goody expression’, cry when things go awry and stand up for the right.  The thumb rule is that what may come as a positive lead, can’t err.  The entire emphasis as of now is on my track. Personally I find Ragini more realistic then Swara (Helly Shah) for in real life also though I might be good yet I have done thousand wrong’s like everybody else”. What is your take on   Ragani logic behind her action that everything is fair in love or war? “Where she goes wrong is that it takes two to tango, but sadly like most Marwari girls Ragini started regarding Laksh (Namish Taneja) her husband internally when he was chosen for her.  He on other hand flipped for Swara.”

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