It feels great to receive the ITA Award for best Actor Comedy

Veteran TV and film artist Aashif Sheikh is very happy at having won the Best Actor Comedy award at ITA, “It feels satisfying when  our hard work is appreciated. ITA  is the best TV awards.”

When asked as to what makes Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai (&TV)  rock he says, “We have a realistic show based on conversational humor rather than resorting to  slapstick and caricaturistish’  stuff.   Plus we have smartly  kept evolving, changing things every  six odd months, in term of situations and tenor of the comedy. We have also created a genre in comedy, where we take pauses between lines rather than just constant exchanges of funny dialogues .”

Asif who has been a  past master of the comic genre  (Yes Boss, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai and Ring Wrong Ring etc) is very thankful to the writer (Manoj Santoshi) and director (Shashank Bali) for penning such scripts and executing them . “ As an actor  it is our job to add colors to  the frame work the writer gives which I keep doing.  It is very important to refresh as we need to constantly raise the bar. I work a lot on my body language, lingo and  dialect in order to keep my audiences amused”.

“It is very important to keep the thin line between humour and vulgarity, as I don’t want my grown up  kids to regard me as a creep. Sometimes, I even edit out cheap appearing lines .”

When asked about Shilpa Shinde leaving and Shubhangi Atre  taking her place as  Angoori Bhabhi. “Any show is a team effort, no one actor can take full credit. Agreed, we were rattled for some time for she was very popular. We therefore decided to girdle up and work even harder. I am glad things are now back to even keel. The new girl is doing well.”


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