I would like to do a character with grey shade: Reena Agarwal

&TV’s Agent Raghav seems to be attracting lot of eyeballs and why not? The show has everything to offer; suspense, thrill, entertainment and good content executed perfectly by Sharad Kelkar and other artists.

Reena Agarwal who plays Dr. Aarti in the show says, “I got a call from production house for audition for Agent Raghav. Initially I gave audition for the character of Gauri, then after 3-4 days again I gave audition for doctor’s character Aarti. Finally I got selected for Dr. Aarti Mistry role. My parents always wanted me to be a doctor…I guess now I’m fulfilling their wish (atleast onscreen.. lol)”. She further adds, “In 2 episodes we had to show that I have found hair strand on victim’s body. The hair strands kept in the evidence bag were so thin that the camera was unable to capture it. So just to avoid further delay in shooting I plucked hair strands from my head both the times and used it for shooting in evidence bag. Socho artist ko kya kya karna padta hai… ”

When asked about her favorite actress, she immediately replies, “Has to be Kangana Ranaut…I really admire the way she has reached where she is now without coming from a Bollywood backgroud. She truly inspires me to work hard and achieve my dreams”.

On her dream role, she further says, “Well…I would like to do a character with grey shade”.

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