I will wear bikini for Karan Johar & not Rajan Shahi – Aarti Singh

TV actor Aarti Singh, Govinda’s niece and comic artist Krishna Abhishek’s sister, who got a second lease of life with &TV show Waris, talks about the impending generation leap in the show

Waris is a milestone in your career?

Although I started with Maayka and Grihasti back in 2008 / 09, I have become known only courtesy Waris. Playing a lead has completely changed the ball game. Till now I was stuck in the parallel lead category ( Uttaran and Parichay). Now people call me by name and not just Krishna Abhishekh ‘s sister and Govinda’s niece. Having said that it does wrankle  that I am not invited for channel award functions. Things are changing though, recently when i attended  Suyash  & Kishwer’s wedding, the media did pay attention. At that moment I felt that finally my day in the sun  has come. Here i give full credit to my producer Ashwini Yardi for casting me and the channel for promoting the show with gusto. I have given my everything to this show.
Post leap will Farnaz Shetty’s entry as your character Amba’s grown up daughter Manu  take away the lime light from  you?

Am not really worried for the show is structured in a way that Amba will always have her place. Manu will always be my waris and not the other way around. Plus I will really work hard forcing the writer to give me more space. As for playing a mother on screen, it was not sudden, the show began with Amba being pregnant and then Manu is growing up,  so it is a natural process.

Normally  when shows began with strong child characters ,they loose steam when leaps happen?

Yes, this is a fear but then again each show has its own destiny. Big properties like Sasural Simar Ka and  Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are continuing despite the popular leads (Deepika Singh and Hina Khan) quitting.

Could the leap have been delayed  ??

Our show unlike most others run on stories  My love track saw the ratings go over our average,  so we could have easily stretched it but we don’t push it. Also we needed the leap to kick in before IPL, which does change the small screen grammar every year. I don’t  know the future fate of the show but I have got what I wanted. My 11 months of hard work has paid off, for the industry has noticed that this girl can act.


You have always been vocal about relationships ( break up with  Ayaz  Khan)

I am now ready to settle down,  if my mom finds me a good guy I  will say yes, for my  choices have not worked out . I will be more comfortable with a non industry guy. I am not a very ambitious woman, at 21 I wanted to get married, so if it all works I would prefer not to work after my wedding .



Post Waris, I  have got Punjabi films but time is an issue as Waris needs my dates. I am a producer’s actor and will never do anything to harm the person  who has given me a chance. Looking ahead if I get an offer by big filmmakers, I will do a couple  before hanging up my boots post marriage .
Many of your small screen compatriots are wearing bikini for social media?

I will wear a bikini for Karan Johar and not Rajan Shahi. Why should I wear a bikini for 30k per day, I rather do it free for KJO if he gives me the required lime light..

Recently Govinda was quoted as saying he did not get his due from the  industry ??

I really don’want to comment for I really don’t know what happened as we never talk work. He is my uncle so we talk personal stuff.
Will this also affect his daughter Narmada  Ahuja’s career as well ?

I don’t think so, Namo as we call her is a very talented girl, this is a just a start, her time will come and she will shine in her own right ..


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