I will do adult comedy too if I am paid well – Rajat Tokas

Rajat Tokas, who will be seen in Star Plus’s new show Chandra Nandni  does not care a fig about what the media writes about him. “Many people regard my reticence as arrogance. I really don’t waste sleep over it for if it makes them happy I am OK with it. I just do my job to the best of my ability and go home. I don’t even mix with my co- stars more than necessary.  Yes but I do take out time for the ones I really care about.  Those actors who say we have no time are fibbing. You can easily find time for a phone call between shots like I am 24*7 in touch with my better half. I don’t believe in making friends in the industry for here relationships are not real but need based.”
He also has no qualms about the historical label (he has mostly done historical – Jodha Akbar and Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan). “I am a professional who does what is offered to him.  It is more important to earn your bread & dutter. Tomorrow if I do something different you only will ask me and about breaking the mould.”

He also defends his absence from social media saying “I don’t need to put myself out more than the half an hour that you see onscreen.  Why do I go out for shooting every day? It is my opinion that if we reveal our personal life to the public they will not be able to properly relate to your various on screen characters, as your real life image is all over.”
What about the loss of interactive response? “Well, I am happy with my per day.”

Money is everything for Rajat and he unabashedly admits it saying. “I will do adult comedy as well if I am paid well. I am just a pawn in the hands of Producers and Directors.”


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