I was framed – Sana Khan

Sana Khan whose Wajah Tum Ho releases on 2nd December, opens up about the legal cases surrounding her. She was allegedly involved in a case where her boyfriend Ismail Khan was accused of molesting a woman.  She is also out on bail in another case, where she allegedly helped her cousin elope with an underage girl.


Says Sana, “I don’t have a boyfriend and I cant be responsible for someone who I had dated a while back or what my driver or watchman does. Also from my perspective it appears that I am being deliberately targeted. You want to come in news so you use my name and sadly some sections of media also carried the story without due diligence.   No wonder relationships between actors and journos have become strained. It is very easy for actor’s to be targeted. Many times con artists use false media coverage to blackmail victims into silence.”


“I was a victim of a con game, they are better performers than us. I loaned them money & when I asked for it back they  put out  articles .  Tell me. is it easy to  molest someone in public in broad daylight? bystanders will trash you!   Was I a super women that no one saw me ? I later did a back ground check on the girl and she had already spent nine  months in  jail. My biggest cardinal sin was that I met over coffee an underage girl who claimed to be my fan and wanted work. And 35 hours later an FIR was registered against me. I asked the cops if their accusations were true why did they wait  so long to approach the police station? Sadly if you are celeb, the law will  be harsher.  It is assumed that you must have done something wrong”.


What is the status of the cases? “We all  know the legal system takes it ‘s  own sweet time, but had I been wrong I would have been behind bars. Becoming over skeptical, I refused to get emotional no matter how much someone cried. Over the past two years, I had erected so many walls around me that I was blocking out good people for bad people will sugar coat stuff and honest folks tell it on our face. I am now learning to let go, for I know I will meet more such losers in life.”


Did  the industry support  you? “Salman tweeted in my favour. The whole world knows that I don’t hail from the underworld nor do we extort  money. Sometimes in anger I feel like locking them in a coal mine, but  my morals hold me back. You want to scream what did I do to deserve this? You took my money and now file a case against me . I am losing everything including  goodwill.”


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