I dont mind an older husband – Niyati Fatnani

Niyati Fatnani, lead of Sony TV’s new show Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, which talks about a relationship between a 40 years plus man & a 22 year old gal, does not mind such an equation in real life as well. “As long as both the parties are fine, it is no issue even if it looks odd to society. What is most important is understanding each other well. An “in sync” couple with an age gap is better than a same age couple who keep quarrelling for no rhyme or reason. ”
Personally as well Niyati would not mind an older man for herself. “If my criteria of relationships are met, and I love and respect him, why not?  My man also would be someone who chips in with the household chores, why should women do all domestic work alone? Hope more men are like my dad, who when my mom was immobile cos of a fracture, would come home and cook after office”

In closing we asked this Sindhi gal from Ahmedabad who was first noticed in Channel V show D4 – Get Up and Dance, what is her relationship status, but she refused to comment .


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