I cringe when I look back at my previous work on TV – Sudeep Sahir

Sudeep Sahir, who is playing tortured husband in Zee TV show Woh Apna Sa, feels he is getting better with each outing. “When I look back at my previous work, I cringe thinking how could I do such a bad job. You learn newer skills with every new show and grow as an actor with experience”

Sudeep gained fame with Jabb Love Hua and Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki. His last fiction show was Dream Girl on Life Ok. Experience teaches you a lot (debuted with Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr) and now  I am much more immersed in my job thinking a lot about how to enact certain scenes. At first I would be very scared to do emotional scenes which require me to shed tears. Now I approach it with lots  of  preparation. I psyche myself up so am able to react as naturally as possible. Ditto with drunk scenes.  I try to understand how I will react  under the influence  of alcohol.  There is a very thin line between getting it right and going overboard. And I strive to not to  cross the same and end up making of a fool of myself .”


Sudeep says the current show really allows him to experiment with the actor within, “ For my character has lots to deal with – an over possessive evil  wife (Riddhi Dogra), who only wants him and in the  process ends up harming his family. Then true love happens and he is caught  between his love and family welfare .”


Looking ahead Sudeep would also love to do films, but will not settle for bit roles ,“  I will make the shift only if the role is  juicy enough. And above all  will never leave TV, which has made me what I am today.”


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