I cant resort to gimmicks for publicity – Sandeep Anand

Sandeep Anand of May I Come In Madam fame (Life OK) does not run after cheap publicity. “Rather than speculate if I have a good looking wife or a great set of  wheels, I want the conversation centered around my  work. Short term success is not my goal, I want to be remembered  long after  I have hung up my  boots. Having said that despite doing  lot  of theater and also bringing international artists to India, I don’ use that as a PR tool”

Here, Sandeep, who first gained prominence with FIR laments the fact that there are many artists in TV & films, who dont have any body of work or talent. They depend on their looks & resort to stunts to stay in the news, i.e. fighting with someone or wearing weird clothes to award functions, just to become the center of attraction. “I cant resort to such gimmicks. I also have a personal life like everybody, but that does not concern the public, which only  wants to see the actor in me.”


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