I am not comfortable wearing a bikini on screen- Priyal Gor

Priyal Gor, the lead of SAB TV show Ichhapyaari Naagin, is different from her fellow small screen actors. This 22 year old is not in a hurry to do a Bollywood film. “I am happy doing TV (Ram Milaayi Jodi and Dekha Ek Khwaab ) and regional flicks (3 south and one Punjabi)”. She also is not ready to do bold dare bare roles for now, “I am content at the moment doing sweet Indian characters in films, which are reflective of my personality. ”
Explaing her rationale Priyal says, “Having age on my side I wish to let thing take their own course.  I never wanted to be become an actor in the first place, but now I am quite cool doing the type of stuff I am doing. So may be tomorrow you never know what avtaar I might be comfortable in. I am equally aware that as an actor it is important for me to showcase my various facets. ”
She is also not comfortable donning a bikini for social media.“ Such stuff does not take my fancy.  I am not saying those who do so are wrong, but this is not for me.  I sometimes do wonder why I am not like others.”


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