I am like Ravan – Manu Punjabi

Manu Punjabi, of Bigg Boss10 fame, has just started hosting a dating show along with Bigg Boss contestant Nitbha Kaul titled A Date To Remember on MTV . “ It is all about spending memorable time with someone you love and it need not be your girl/guy. You can also go on a date with your family and friends. For me a date to  remember would be when the other person says thank you for a wonderful time. It need not be the most fancy outing,  even a simple coffee date can be memorable. I have had several such moments with my loving  girl Pikku (Priya Saini). We are in a very secure place and hope to stay like this forever .”
When asked what makes any relationship tick, Manu says, “Women don’t  want much they just want a committed man, who does their bidding and not look at other women. The other attributes such as money, fame and looks are secondary. Today all girls want a Ram in their life.”  So where do you see yourself in this Ramayan with Pikku? “ I am like Ravan, for I  am a stubborn guy who will destroy everything to get what I want (smiles) .”


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