I am getting a lot of online hate on Twitter & Instagram – Shashank Vyas

Shahshank  Vyaas aka Jagya of Balika Vadhu, who recently  made a long delayed entry in Star Plus show Jaana Na Dil Se Door, is having a tough time with online haters who don’t like the love triangle plot involving  him , Shivani Surve & Vikram Singh Chauhan. “ I get bashed on Twitter and Instagram. Sadly, social media gives people a platform to abuse. They say I  cant  act, but my plus point is that I am not talking about them, they are talking about me. Normally, I don’t reply but sometimes you have to  give it back, lest it is taken as weakness.  So I reply sweetly, asking them to concentrate on their lives and making their folks proud.”
When asked about  online comments, which suggest that he is insecure about his co- star  Vikram, as  he entered the show late. “ I have been the only Colors male lead  to have been a part of a show for five long years. Even then when Sidharth Shukla entered  there was similar buzz. To be honest  I am secure in my space, as for what others feel , we can’t do anything about it.”
Some fans have raised the point that  you are trying to gain mileage by suggesting in some interviews that you are the backbone of the show? “How can I say such a thing , that would be akin to blowing my own trumpet.  Maybe the journalists who did those interviews added those words for effect.  To be honest, since the story involves three characters, I regard myself as third in equation. I am not saying all this to look humble, I genuinely believe that each character is different. Having said that there are also fans who are loving the sacrificing nature of my army officer character Ravish, who gives away his wife Vividha (Shivani) to her lover Atharva (Vikram). So if you see it from  another point of view,  my character is bigger right?? ”

Shahshank  further adds “ I really take all this negativity in my stride, for at the end of the day, it means I have managed to make an impact in  a show where the pairing of  Vikram  and Shivani was strong. Had there been no buzz, then it would have been a matter of worry.”

In closing Shahshank says, “It is sad to see young boys and girls hide behind anonymous twitter handles and write negative stuff about actors. Will it not be better that you comment with your name and let people see what kind of  stuff you post.  It is very  easy to comment about actors, but this profession  is no walk in the park.”



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