Heavenly Haven!

The lovely duo of Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu let us enter their safe haven to have a sneak peek at their beautiful home located in Lokhandwala, Andheri and tell us tales untold about every nook and corner of their house…

Balcony: “We always wanted a flat with a balcony; though it’s not a very big one, but it is extremely cozy. So we have our balcony facing the east and we can see the rising, fresh sunlight! It’s a lovely place and the first place where everyone wants to go to”, says Karanvir.

Fur-ness: “Well, that’s a bizarre thing!” says Teejay. “When we bought the home, it was already present and we wondered as to how we can use it since Mumbai isn’t very cold to have a fireplace of its own. Later, we decided on keeping our television on top of it, so as to make the most of it. In the fireplace, we place CDs, DVDs et al.”

The sun, the star, the world, strength, magician: “We had done a tarot card reading and these were the cards we got. We just enlarged the cards and these are all positive. It was all about the positive things and it’s extremely inspiring. Whenever we are facing some problems, we look at it and feel really good”, says Karanvir.

Flickering Happiness: Say the two in unison, “We are big fans of candles. We have more candles than agarbattis. We place them everywhere; living room, bedroom…it’s just all around. More than the artificial lights, we prefer lighting up candles. And quite sometimes, we just light candles and have candle light dinner. They create an amazing ambiance.”

Wall of fame- picture area: “It was my first wedding anniversary gift to Karan. The place is full of pictures taken while we were dating, when we got married and I just love it! There’s another picture which was taken after we got engaged. We had three weddings; one court marriage in Mumbai, one in Bangalore ashram and the third one in Canada”, Teejay.

Coffee Corner: “It’s a very pleasant place. We call it our ‘Coffee Corner’. It is right opposite our balcony, which means it is in west. Thus, we pick up our cups and have a nice cuppa coffee sitting there looking at the sunset. Since it’s a quiet place, we sometimes sit there and read our books too”, says Karanvir.

Perfect post: Teejay directs us to the beautiful lamp and informs us, “This beautiful lamp was a gift from a TV show called ‘Nerolac Rang Jamaa De’ on Zee TV. It’s very pretty and thus we’ve kept it at one of our favourite places.”

Candles, clicks and collage: “This was something that I gifted Karan for Valentine’s Day. It’s an assortment of pictures from shows that we’ve done together; Nach Baliye, Kabhi Kabhi Yaar, Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar, and the rest. Both of us are extremely fond of clicking pictures and thus we mostly end up gifting pictures to each other”, quips Teejay.

Photos with messages: Teejay perkily recalls, “Yeah! They are a collection of different pictures, not from some special occasion as such. I had gone abroad for some work and I called him up from there. I don’t exactly remember, but we had an argument and disagreement over some issue. Thus, when I returned back, he gave this surprise to me. The notes say, ‘I love you!’ ‘My wife is always right’ and many such cute writings. For me, all the monetary things mean nothing, but such sweet valuable things really add on to your love.”

SUPER-stitious: Karanvir agrees the fact that the two are superstitious saying, “We believe a lot in Feng Shui. It was only after consultation that we bought this home, too. We made sure that we take an East-West facing home. All this gives a positive energy not only to us but also to people who visit us. Also, we pray a lot; we just need a reason to pray and don’t believe in any particular God. Also, according to Feng Shui, your house shouldn’t be cluttered and you should have a few empty spaces. We haven’t over-decorated our place.” To this, Teejay adds, “On our door we have a picture gifted by Dalai Lama. I visit Dharamshala at least once in a year.”

Bedroom setup: The ghar ki lakshmi, Teejay tells her bedroom secrets (well, not literally). “Our bedroom is not a very heavily designed one. I like changing the bedsheets very often and love having light and summery colours like blue, green, yellows. I don’t like much going around in the bedroom as it is the place where you retire at the end of each day. Thus, it should be quite light. It’s much more peaceful without the heavy-duty things. I also make sure that even my curtains are in light colours. Whenever sunlight falls on the curtains, they look beautiful!” We love changing the setting of our home quite often. We keep on moving things time and around. It is very important to give personal touches to your home rather than getting outside stuff all the time.


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