Har Mard Ka Dard is a light hearted take on man-woman relationship – Jinal Belani

Gujrati film actress turned TV star Jinal Belani is playing the lead role in new Life OK comedy Har Mard Ka Dard, which traces the life of a poor husband who is unable to keep his wife happy despite reading her mind. “I don’t think women nag as it is said so much but again I can’t really say till I get hitched.”

So what is your personal take on husband wife nok jhok “I have seen couples (friends, relatives and sister ) fighting and make up over small things. Men and women are indeed poles part, no wonder there is so much clash. These differences stem from different priorities. Men are very focused about what they want i.e. one two or three, while we are emotionally complex. So we want everything i.e. time, gift and surprise. In a way this difference keeps the spice in marriage alive, if we were both the same, life would be rather drab, don’t you think?”

So describe your ideal man “Someone very compassionate and super intelligent .Looks are not very important for me.“  Will you allow him to talk? “YES he will be allowed 2 out of 30minutes, while I will hog the rest.” jokes Jinal

It is often said that women want their men there to be all around all the time yet demand space?“If men could crack this dicey equation, their life would be settled. If I ever get into a relationship my man will have to give me my Me time.”

Jinal, who has also done a DD show before does not feel that Har Mard Ka Dard demeans women. “For our situations are rooted in everyday life. And at the end of the day it is slice of life light hearted take on man woman equation, not to be taken seriously.”


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