Zeenat Jaffer

Zeenat JafferBusiness of Beauty (Dubai, UAE) 2017

ZEENAT JAFFER- With a touch of her magic, she transforms ordinary into extraordinary, turning ‘ducks’ into ‘swans’ with unparalleled finesse. The ‘Z-Effect’ she creates with her makeup artistry has made her a sensation in the world of fashion magazines, music videos, pop concerts, and glamorous weddings in the Middle East.

Her greatest strength lies in her ability to create makeup palettes that are tailored to each client, enhancing their unique features and personality. Her range and creativity in this aspect are truly breathtaking, showcasing her exceptional talent and artistry. When she works on a face, it’s not just makeup – it’s a masterpiece, a work of art.

In her genre, she stands incomparable, setting new standards of excellence and creativity. Her work speaks volumes, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of experiencing her magic.

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