Zahabiya Khorakiwala

Health Management (Maharashtra, India) 2018

Zahabiya KhorakiwalaHealth Management (Maharashtra, India) 2018

ZAHABIYA KHORAKIWALA – She is revolutionizing patient care in India through the strategic implementation of technology and modern infrastructure. With exceptional vision, she has successfully overseen the growth of Wockhardt Hospitals which has established its flagship multi-specialty facility in Mumbai, setting new standards of success in the healthcare sector.

Her tireless dedication and unwavering commitment have led to groundbreaking advancements in surgery and critical care, enriching Indian healthcare with innovative techniques.

Her tenure has witnessed the launch of the largest hospital in South Mumbai, along with the introduction of several new departments, including pediatric cardiology, mother and child care, aesthetics, and plastic surgery. Her pioneering efforts have not only transformed Wockhardt Hospitals but have also elevated the standard of healthcare delivery in India.

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