Vishakha Mulye

Banking (Maharashtra, India) 2012

Vishakha MulyeBanking (Maharashtra, India) 2012

VISHAKHA MULYE – She epitomizes resilience and determination, a true embodiment of the unvanquished spirit. She is relentless in her pursuit, refusing to back down in the face of any challenge.

From a young age, she has set her sights on scaling new heights and exploring uncharted territories with remarkable courage and intelligence. Her decision to enter the banking profession only fueled her unstoppable drive.

In 1997, she joined the ICICI group and quickly made her mark in various roles, including Strategy, Equity Investments, and Treasury & Markets. As a key driver within the group, she spearheaded landmark fund-raising deals, showcasing her exceptional leadership skills and financial acumen. Her crowning achievement came when she was appointed as the CEO of ICICI Bank, a role that tested her mettle and resolve like never before. Through it all, she emerged victorious, proving herself to be a true leader forged in the fires of adversity.